AppLink – A Versatile Solution for Desktop/ Application Publishing


AppLink is the simple server based computing solution with the easy user administration. Application problems can be solved in the central location, not at the individual user locations. AppLink eliminates the need for cumbersome, complex software infrastructure such as Citrix MetaFrame, GoGlobal, 2X or local X server software. And unlike other solutions that dictate a new application management infrastructure, AppLink has been designed to work seamlessly within your current environment. So whether you want to publish just a single application or more, AppLink is the way to go.



With AppLink, businesses can now easily access your windows applications or desktop from anywhere in the world regardless of location, and client platform or operating system.

AppLink is the ideal server-based computing solution for enterprise environments or ISVs. Utilizing advanced server based technology and near zero footprint clients, AppLink publishes existing applications without the need to modify a single line of code. And there’s no need for complex, costly solutions such as Citrix MetaFrame, GoGlobal or 2X. AppLink is the instant application publishing and Web-enabling solution that retains 100% of your applications features, functions and product branding.

Application Management made easy

Deploying, administrating and maintaining traditional distributed applications can be costly and time consuming. AppLink’s server based approach saves time and money. And unlike some other application publishing solutions, AppLink publishes not only the applications user interface, also the entire desktop required. Further, Application publishing also increases efficiency and performance, lowers bandwidth consumption, and lowers your TCO. AppLink is totally invisible to your users. Further, AppLink enabled applications look feel exactly the same as natively running applications. No special training is required.

Key Benefits
  1. Providing Global Applications Access.
  2. Maximizing the Value of Current Investments
  3. Lowering Costs and Simplifying Management
  4. Rapid Application Deployment
  5. Reducing Complexity
  6. Increasing Efficiency